Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dear Diary..

6th July,2011

               I  remember writing to you when was in class eighth.. I used to pen down my thoughts regarding each and everything under the sun then..  Writing each day to you would give me immense pleasure.. Writing to you truely filled my heart with joy..!! I used to call you my best friend .. And I gave you a name too.. Coz you were the only one who would listen to my daily ramblings so very patiently... They say.."Paper is more patient than man.." Diary writing was such an absolute fun...!!

                    I was inspired to write a diary by Anne Frank's book "A diary of a Young Girl"..!! Anne died at the age of 17.. but her writings depicted what a wonderful person she was from within.. And reading her book truely changed my life in so many ways.. Cause she instilled in me this beautiful art of Diary Writing.. So from now on I intend to write my diary each day... Thus the purpose of my blog is to pen down my daily thoughts.. Hope I write to my diary each day with punctuality.. Hope that I will be able to pen down my noble, truest and honest thoughts... Hope that each day of my diary writing is fillled with fun and happiness...!!! Will write to you soon..!! bye bye.. :-)