Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Sincere Prayer....!!!

When I look back now at the golden years of college I realize how much zest for life I had then.. I was a different person completely.. I was full of  energy and was very enthusiatic.. Today I somehow realized what a person I have become.. This period is pretty annoying for me.. I feel I am lost somewhere..  This period is a period of confusion.... A period where I know not what to do... I need to have new dreams.. I need to be as enthusiastic as before.. I need to work at my full potential.. Oh god.. Plz give me the strength to realize my potential.. Please help me to be sincere towards my goal.. Please let me have a clear vision in this time of confusion.. Plz give me concentration ability.. Please let me have clear goals.. Please let me be punctual towards my goal.. And please be with me in this time of confusion...!!!!