Saturday, September 10, 2011

A letter to the terrorist..!!!


Yes.. You have conquered again.. Another blast in the city..!! You must be very happy of your achievement .. Right..!!.. And this time you have managed to do it in the capital itself..  Your peers must be really proud of you.. Your clan who gets satisfaction by killing people  must be rejoicing merrily...

You must be happy to see us helpless as you calculate whether it was a low intensity or a high intensity blast.. You must be watching the television channels in glee to see the number of casualties your bomb attack have created.. While the police must be trying to make sketches of your peers you must be busy writing an e-mail to the leading news channels  claiming proudly that its your clan who has done it... Oh.. Yeah.. You must be really proud..!!

But if you are reading this please do note how much havoc you have created..  Your destructive mentality has taken the life of someones father, someones husband and someones only son.. It brings tears to my eyes each time you target my city.. I watch in shock  and awe..!!

Have you no heart?  Have you no mercy? Why do you attack the helpless...??  Why do you attack the people who have nothing to do with you? I dont understand how on earth do you find relief on killing the innocent..  You are creating mass destruction.. Your weapons and tools are being used for a wrong cause.. The person you killed was a boon to my country.. He in some way or the other contributed to the development of my country.. But what do you do? You choose to do the opposite..

Who are you?? Are you filled with only hatred and revenge?? You kill people who never in their thoughts ever wanted to hurt you.. Your mayhem has left someone paralyzed for the entire life.. Either by taking away their hands and legs.. or by  leaving them completely disabled. Someone has forever lost his/her ability to see this beautiful world.. Someone is dealing with the post traumatic stress disorder only because of you.. And someone may have a troubled childhood because of you...

 If you belong to another country you should be buried alive..  If you belong to my country you should go kill yourself out of shame.. I always thought that doctors are neurobiologicaly sensitive to the pain of others.. Thats why they choose to lessen the pain of others by becoming doctors them selves.. What motive you have.??? I guess its opposite in your case.. You get excited at the sight of blood from others.. You enjoy seeing people in pain..

 I  know you are elated to see us helpless each time.. But this time I just dont want to be onlooker to your deeds.. This time I just dont want to see the coverage on tv and count the dead.. This time I  just dont want to be amongst the people who feel sorry for the families and  pray that god give them strength and then forget about it a week later..  Or be a member of just another candle march..

This time I have an offer.. JOIN OUR CLAN.. No..!!  We are not a clan who takes revenge.. Neither do we kill people.. We just believe in PEACE.. We want a disease free world.. Your terrorism is more dangerous than a disease itself.. It passes onto generations.. The pain is terrible.. Lets create a pain free world.. A terrorism free world.. Where both you and me can live safely and happily together.. Lets be a help to the human generation.. Please join  our clan to make this world a better place..!!!

PS: (I know simple posts like these will not wash terrorism away but this was just a simple heart pouring vent of  frustration and helplessness.. )