Thursday, July 11, 2013

A beautiful trip to AviaryLand..!!

Weekends were coming along and my hubby had already decided where to be this time.. Yes.. It was going to be fun for him.. Coz we were going to a place full of birds.. Yes you heard it right... Birds.. !!! My husband is an animal and bird lover.. Especially a bird lover.. And he found this other person in a remote village who has a passion for birds.. 

We heard that he has nested a variety of beautiful birds at his place.. I was somewhat reluctant to spend my holiday at a place like that because I dont like them.. they already make a lot of mess at home which is tiring for me to clean at times.. But I agreed coz my hubby was dying to go there.. It was going to take us  two hours to reach that place.. and I just kept wondering how can a person go these many miles to just see a flock of birds..

And ta da..!! We landed at this place.. Upon arrival we saw hundreds of pigeons and doves.. As if they were welcoming us.. They were so beautiful.. They were white.. So pure.. And lovely.. Some brown .. Some with a peacock green and multiple shiny coloured neck..

And then we entered the garden .. The bird lover as a I call him just opened the cages and all the doves flew towards us.. I was somewhat petrified.. But the flock of birds looked lovely.. When the bird lover fed them with food.. they gathered in flocks.. and they looked oh so lovely.. I could see so much love for them in my hubbies eyes.. He was mesmerised.. Me partly so... Cause as I was watching him smileand one of the doves while flying gave me a beautiful gift.. yes.. He shitted on me.. Yes.. Lucky me.. Just a few drops.. Everyone had a good laugh.. But I kept reminding myself of how I have ruined my Sunday..

Then the bird lover took us to his quarters.. There were separate rooms for different species of birds.. He gave us coffee and made us comfortable.. And then the bird lovers son arrived to tell us the details about each bird.. I really never thought that such a small place could contain so many birds.. Such a well maintained space.. Well aerated and with clean and natural surroundings... 

Then he took us to another room.. Yes.. No doubt it was full of birds but this time a different variety.. Wow.. Lovely indian parrots.. Not only the green one.. But different varieties of Indian parrots.. The bird lover managed to breed a rare indian variety which is almost extinct.. He breeded  three of them.. I thought to myself that thankgod atleast he did one nice thing ..bird keeping I thought was not that nice.. Cause birds shit.. And my hubbies birds though kept in a cage shit a lot at my place and they really make a mess which I have to clean often... But what can be done .. My hubby loves them.. And me not at all..( while I write the two of them are screaming..yes.. Those small tiny birds.. You thought they could ever scream n shout that loud...) 

Now this son of the bird lover took us to one corner of a room.. There he showed us beautiful and colourful species of parrots.. I never know a parrot could be of yellow color.. ( my fav color is yellow)  I almost fell in love with it.. But I came back to my senses as I realised parrots shit too... Yucks.. I back footed from that place.. As I sat around the other corner of the room.. the birdlovers son kept explaining the details of these lovely birds.. There are about 360 species of parrots.. well... I never knew that.. and who cares..

He told my hubby not to touch one of the birds.. I listened curiously but I was way away from the parrot.. When my husband showed curiosity as to why the male species of this parrot was aggressive he explained that it had already bitten a few of his friends with its beak.. And as I turned deaf ear to all this the male parrot took its mighty flight and came towards me and sat on my back.. I just couldn't believe what was happening.. I could only hear the bird lovers son voice that it really bit hard.. And was praying it doesn't bite me.. My husband thought it would be his last trip of this kind.. He came slowly and held the bird gently.. It sat a minute or two on me and and it didn't bit me.. I thanked god for it.. Probably his love for birds saved me.. I dont know why but I thought wether the birds were trying to attack me for not liking them.. God..!! It occured to me that from now on I should really like them or else... You never know.. But the lovely beautiful greens and reds really were stunning.. I love colors.. The colors were beautiful.. Amazing and stupendofabulous.. 

Then he showed us different books including encyclopaedias and other books on caged and aviary birds.. The books were lovely.. I love books.. Birds?? hmmm...

Upon seeing the books I realised how one person can be so crazy about birds.. Thousands of birds sheltered in one place.. That was a mini zoo.. His passion and love for birds showed.. The only question which came to my mind does he sell birds and that's why he is only interested in keeping them? The answer was a no.. He does not do it for a living..  And he does not sell them.. It is his exclusive hobby..!!

So the trip went on pretty good.. I developed a so called love for birds from then onwards.. I realized and respected my husbands love for birds since then.. Later that evening my hubby told me that he heard somewhere that when birds or lovebirds are kept at home the couple always stays happy and fights less.. That's why he said he had brought them home earlier.. I wish I could share with you guys the pictures of those colourful birds at the bird lovers place But i hardly took any.. Somehow below is the pic of the love birds at our home..!!